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School Dinners

Thorntree Primary School has achieved Healthy Schools status.

At lunch times, children can either have school dinners or packed lunches. Parents/carers are expected to choose one of these dinner arrangements. Arrangements can only be changed at the beginning of every half-term.

 Our CooksThis year all children in the school are entitled to free school meals. All our school dinners are cooked here on the premises in our own kitchens. Meals are healthy and varied. We cater for vegetarians.

Alternatively children may bring a packed lunch from home, which must be in a lunch container clearly marked with the child's name. We ask you to make sure that the packed lunch is healthy. We also ask that the contents are completely free from peanut products as some children can have violent allergic reactions to them. In the interests of safety, please put drinks in plastic bottles.

Pupils may go home for dinner but must return promptly for afternoon sessions:

Reception lunchtime ends at 12.45pm

Years 1 & 2 begin afternoon classes at 1pm

Years 3, 4, 5 and 6  begin at 1.30pm

Click here to see the autumn/winter lunch menu.

Click here to see our Christmas Dinner menu.


School milk is provided free of charge for children under the age of five.