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GSO Test

May Day

Thorntree Primary School is one of the few remaining London schools to celebrate May Day fully.

               May Day - Spider's Web Dance 2          May Day - top of the Maypole

Every year, our Year 3 class chooses a May King and a May Queen. All the children in Year 3 dress up in traditional costumes and become the focus of our celebrations. The May King and Queen are crowned with fresh floral crowns provided by our school community and put together by staff. In fact, the whole school is decorated with flowers. Year 3 performs two traditional May Day dances around the May Pole.

               May Day - May King and Queen          May Day dancers - Reception class 

Other years, from the Nursery through to Year 6, perform a range of dances from around the world, some modern, some traditional, and the children sing a variety of traditional summer songs.

               May Day - recorder players          May Day - Year 3