GSO Test

GSO Test

Forest School

At Thorntree we are very lucky to have a well-maintained, accessible wooded area in our grounds.

It is here that we take our younger children for Forest School learning sessions. There are two seating areas, a mini-beasts area and pathways throughout… and with our wellies and waterproofs, we can access our woods all year round!

Forest School Session                  

Forest School uses the outdoor environment to help all children learn. Through regular Forest School sessions in our woods, our children are encouraged to develop independence, improve language and decision-making, and raise their self-esteem through small achievable tasks. Sessions build on a child’s innate motivation and positive attitude to learning. Sessions also help to improve understanding, appreciation and care for the natural environment.


"In Forest School, opportunities for independent exploration are especially good. Consequently, children develop a wide range of social, emotional and practical skills. They are cooperative, show respect for one another and their environment, and behave well." (Ofsted December 2011).