GSO Test

GSO Test

Year 5 Class Assembly

On Thursday 3rd October Year 5 held their first class assembly of the year. The children shared many of the things they have been studying so far this year. They spoke about reading Beowulf and studying the life cycles of mammals. However the main topics of their assembly were The Library of Everything and also Growth Mindsets.

The Library of Everything arrived one Monday morning in our school, in the place where our own library used to be. The real door had disappeared and in its place was a bookcase door. The children were invited inside and found a whole new room and a librarian called Mr Peabody. Inside there were numerous scrolls and old books, a parrot and a train, old clocks and a typewriter, stools made out of books, plants and planes, masks and maps… it was a ‘library of eveything’. Also inside there were miniaturised people living among the books and artefacts. A week later the Library disappeared, just as mysteriously as it had arrived, but we hear from them regularly as it travels around the world.

At the beginning of Year 5 each child received a letter from these miniaturised people who were members of the Slinkachu Tribe. Year children wrote letters in response. The Library of Everything were in Patagonia in Chile. The children visited the Slinkachu Tribe in their imaginations one afternoon as they rested their heads on cushions. The Library is now in Finland.

The second topic in their assembly was about having a ‘growth mindset’. The children explained to their parents and carers how we become what we think about. We therefore need to be positive in our thinking. The children are encouraged to say the word ”yet” to  things that they cannot ‘yet’ do, creating a positive outlook and determination to achieve one day.