GSO Test

GSO Test

Class Representatives

Class reps are your bridge between you and your parents association.

They should be your first port of call for answers to questions about FOTA and about the events and fundraising it carries out. Each class aims to have two parent/carer class representatives. Whenever you are able to help out at an event then please let your class rep know.

We are currently bringing back the class rep system to improve communication with parents and carers. We already have a few volunteers but we need a few more. Please consider volunteering for this small role.         

 Nursery volunteer needed  volunteer needed
 Reception  Laura Coleman Georgina Moraham
 Year 1  Nicole Carr volunteer needed
 Year 2  Irene Mahler volunteer needed
 Year 3   Siobham Curtis

volunteer needed

 Year 4 Katie O’Reilly volunteer needed
 Year 5 Andrew Donkin Monica Ferraro
 Year 6 Susie Healy volunteer needed