GSO Test

GSO Test

Year 5

Over the course of the year, the children develop a variety of different skills in reading, writing and maths to encourage them to become more independent in their learning.

The children have learning objectives for every maths and English lesson that they are working towards. All learning in Year 5 follows the ‘mastery model’ which involves breaking down complex concepts into smaller steps. This way, pupils develop a deep understanding and are better equipped to memorise key information taught within their year or key stage.


In Science lessons, the children study: Forces; Space; Living Things and their life cycles; and Properties of Materials among other topics. Trips are an important part of the children’s learning and the class visit the Royal Observatory in Greenwich for a planetarium show and a workshop during the Autumn term. Over the course of the year, history topics including Ancient Greece and Anglo-Saxons are studied among others. Geography topics include learning about the continent of North America and Volcanoes and Earthquakes. In the autumn term, Year 5 learn about Sikhism in their RE lessons. They then visit the Gurdwara in Woolwich to enhance their understanding of the faith being studied.

    Year 5 Gurdwara Trip  Year 5 Gurdwara Trip  Year 5 Gurdwara Trip

Year 5 pupils will present an assembly and an ‘exhibition’ to their parents and carers to showcase the creative learning activities that they have been doing. The exhibition will involve setting up tables in the main hall with a different theme for each table. The children then present their learning to their parents and carers as they walk around the hall. For example, one table might have information about the ancient Greek Olympic Games whilst another focuses on Greek pottery.          

The children often use technology, such as small laptops and iPads to conduct research during lessons and are given opportunities to present their findings. In addition they have a one-hour computing lesson with a specialist teacher every week. Music lessons are also taught by a specialist teacher each week, as is French. Lessons throughout the year work towards a French fashion show event in the summer term. Over the course of the year, the children represent the school regularly and take part in a variety of sporting activities such as football.

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The children have a half-termly topic homework sheet. The expectation is that they complete at least three tasks from the sheet each half term. Many of the tasks set are practical.

The children also complete English and Maths homework weekly which is set on IXL Learning and relates to the classroom learning. They also learn 10 spellings each week and are tested on these on Fridays.

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