GSO Test

GSO Test

Year 3

Year 3 is the transitional year from Key Stage One to Key Stage Two.

Learning at Thorntree Primary School is broad with a wide range of engaging experiences that reinforce key concepts in every subject. It is balanced so that children receive a full and rich curriculum containing all subjects, and implemented well so that children remember in the long term the information and skills they have been taught. We place priority on the children’s personal, social and emotional development because we know this is key to a successful school career and life in general. Our curriculum is designed to engage and meet the needs of all children and enables them to achieve success in all subjects.

We strive to achieve this by offering a range of engaging activities in a caring and nurturing environment. English and maths are taught in the morning. Music is taught by a specialist teacher and children in Year 3 also learn to play the recorder as part of the timetable. They receive half an hour’s French tuition weekly with our French tutor. The children have outdoor and indoor P.E lessons weekly and during the summer term the children take part in swimming lessons at The Greenwich Centre.          

              Year 3 Stone Age                   Year 3 Stone Age

We organise a range of trips and educational visits throughout the year to enhance children’s learning as well as encouraging confidence outside the school. In the past, we have been to the British Museum during our Egyptian project and Woodlands Farm as part of our Stone Age topic. We also use the local environment wherever possible, especially during science and geography.      


Year 3 celebrate many festivals and events. We participate in the Christmas Carol concert, which takes place at the local church, Easter celebrations, and also May Day. May Day is a fantastic experience in Year 3 as the children get to dance around the Maypole as well as crowning our King and Queen. This is a tradition that has continued for over 80 years at Thorntree School! We also celebrate Book Week during the spring. With all these celebrations the children develop a strong sense of belonging to a larger group and school community.

                                     Year 3 Class Experiment          

We aim for a successful partnership with parents and carers and meet informally with parents daily. We also meet more formally during parents’ evenings which take place three times a year.

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Please see the Curriculum tab in the 'Teaching and Learning' section for an overview of this year's learning.


The children use the Bloom's Taxonomy approach to homework, as used in the classroom, because it is more stimulating. A half-termly topic-based sheet is devised by the class teacher and sent home. Many tasks set on the grid are practical. The children choose their homework from the grid and we would like at least 3 tasks completed and handed in over the half term. Please click on the buttons below for a copy of the half-termly Homework Grids as they become available.

The children also use iXL which is an online comprehensive learning program. It offers unlimited Maths and English practice, with lessons in thousands of skills, all of which are aligned to the National Curriculum. Both parents and teachers can monitor the children's progress. Tasks are set online for the children to complete each week.

This homework is in addition to learning weekly spellings, practising weekly times tables on Time Table Rockstars and daily reading at home.

Our aim is for the children to really be inspired by their homework and to progress at their own level, facing challenges where appropriate.

Please click on the buttons below for a copy of the half-termly Homework Grids as they become available.