GSO Test

GSO Test

Year 1

Children’s wellbeing is our main priority as we ensure a smooth progression from EYFS to Key Stage One. For the first half term in year 1 the learning transitions from being play based to more formal learning, although throughout the year children have opportunities for hands on learning and role play.

Learning to read fluently and with enjoyment is a major focus in Year 1.

Children learn to read through daily Little Wandle phonics sessions and reading groups which are taught three times a week. Children will bring home school reading books and we encourage children to read at home every day. Reading a bedtime story to your child daily is also extremely valuable. We encourage parents to come into school to listen to individual children read.

Children learn to work with and alongside others, developing friendships and becoming confident learners.  All National Curriculum subjects are taught. School trips related to curriculum subjects are undertaken, such as a local area walk and visit to Charlton House.

Year 1 takes part in many festivals and events including the Harvest Festival, the Christmas Nativity Play, the Spring Celebration, May Day celebration and Book Week.

  Year 1             Year 1

Year 1


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At the end of Year 1 there is a statutory phonics screening assessment. The children are always well prepared for this and on the day the children read to the teacher just as they would any other day at school. We hold an information session for parents on this assessment.

Homework – children reading their school reading book every night is the main homework in Year 1. After Christmas, the children will also bring home weekly spelling words to learn, as well as suggested maths homework activities.

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