GSO Test

GSO Test

Year 1

Year 1 is located in the main school building and has its own outside play area attached. It is staffed by a class teacher and a learning support assistant.

Children learn Literacy (including phonics, Reading, Writing, Speaking and Listening), Maths, Science, History, Geography, RE, PSHE, Art and Design Technology. They have a dedicated music teacher. Where possible, subjects are linked to the current topic which changes every half-term. Topics include: ‘Ourselves and Other Animals’, ‘Homes Past and Present’, ‘Growing Things’ and ‘Fantasy Worlds’. Year 1 includes a ‘Transition Phase’ between August and December where the children are able to access a variety of activities and subjects and make choices about which ones they would like to participate in.

                   Year 1 Sunflower experiment 1            Year 1 Sunflower experiment 2

                   Year 1 Sunflower experiment 3            Year 1 Sunflower Experiment 4


From January onwards lessons are more structured with a dedicated Maths and Literacy hour every day. However, for three afternoons a week the children are able to choose from a set of given activities.  Every day includes a story time.

The classroom environment is designed to be as engaging and informative as possible. There is a role play area for encouraging speech and language development as well as imaginative play. The book area, as well as encouraging a love of reading, is designed to be a quiet and restful place.

                    Year 1 understanding the length of a blue whale            

 We make trips into the local area and once a term we make a longer trip to a museum or other place of interest related to the topic.

Year 1 takes part in many festivals and events including the Harvest Festival, the Christmas Nativity Play, the Spring Celebration, the May Day celebrations and the school Book Week.

The teaching of Phonics in Key Stage 1 is based on the National Curriculum and is taught discreetly in daily lessons. Throughout the school we use the Power of Reading programme whereby literacy is taught through quality texts. We use book banding (eg. Rigby Star and the Oxford Reading Tree) and Code X for reading interventions

From January onwards we run 'Family Phonics' sessions for parents and carers of children in Year 1. Every Fortnight we invite parents and carers to join in with phonics lessons with their children. In these lessons we aim to give a clearer insight into how their children are taught literacy at school and involve them in supporting their children in their progress.

Year 1 Maths Week 

At the end of Year 1 the children take part in a statutory national phonics test.

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In Year 1 the children read nightly for 10 minutes and complete a simple maths task weekly.