GSO Test

GSO Test

Pupil Voice

The School Council

The School Council at Thorntree gives pupils the opportunity to make a positive contribution to the school community. It gives the children their first taste of active citizenship and broadens their horizons beyond their individual classes through inter-class discussions and problem-solving.

The School Council meets regularly and is made up of democratically elected pupils from each class. In the School Council meetings, the school councillors represent the views of their own classes and then report back to their classes on the outcomes. It is a forum that enables the sharing of issues and ideas that need to be addressed as a whole school. Not only does it give the children ownership of some of the issues that affect them, it also helps them to develop as individuals.

The School Council have worked on developing the playground and outdoor areas as well as running their own stall at the Christmas Fayre to raise funds for the playground.

Class Ambassadors

Class Ambassadors are children who represent their classes when we have outside visitors. They talk to both visitors and Governors about the school and the work they have been involved in, for example themes, history/science topics, class texts, etc. They are able to signpost visitors to areas of interest in their class and around the school.

Junior Travel Ambassadors

Junior Travel Ambassadors are representatives from Year 5 and Year 6 who help others within the school to learn to keep themselves safe on the roads. They run competitions and talk about road safety in assemblies and the classrooms. They raise awareness among children and their parents/carers about the need to park safely when parking near the school. They take an active part in the annual Road Safety Week.

Year 6 Responsibility Roles

In Year 6, the children are encouraged to take on more responsibility. Each term, different Year 6 children take charge of re-cycling within the school. Some take charge of making sure that milk and fruit make their way to the Early Years classes. Other Year 6 children take on the role of corridor monitors at the end of playtimes, helping the lower years to get back to their classrooms happily and promptly. Some become play leaders, promoting healthy activities at break times and making sure that everyone has someone to play with. They take turns to care for our hens and distribute the eggs daily.