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Pupil Premium

Pupil Premium funding is allocated to schools annually for each child currently eligible for free school meals (FSM) or has been eligible for free school meals at any time within the previous 6 years. Funding is also allocated for Looked After Children (LAC) and children with a parent in the Armed Forces.


Thorntree School’s Pupil Premium Funding for 2021-2022 is £74,085.

Pupil Premium funding is additional to main school funding and is considered to be the best way to address the current underlying inequalities between children and their wealthier peers by ensuring that funding to tackle disadvantage reaches the pupils who need it most. It is intended to be used to support  the progress, attainment and aspirations of children eligible for  Pupil Premium funding.

At Thorntree, the ‘Toolkit of Strategies to Improve Learning’ provided by the Sutton Trust ( is used to ensure that cost effective choices are made when allocating funds to help raise pupils’ attainment and aspirations.


Summary of the main barriers to education faced by disadvantaged pupils in school:

  • A significant number of our children have communication barriers linked to speech and language issues.
  • Some have poor communication skills.
  • Understanding of vocabulary is below expected for many disadvantaged pupils on joining and can slow their progress across the curriculum.
  • Shallow depth of understanding and fluency within concepts in Maths.
  • Emotional and mental health issues which impact on readiness to learn.

 External barriers to education:

  • Difficulties with finances and access to social housing causing disruption and unsettled future.
  • Unsettled family circumstances (divorce, substance misuse, bereavement)
  • Limited educational experience of some parents/carers affecting home learning support.
  • Parental attitudes to schooling, condoning poor attendance.
  • Family circumstances worrying pupils.
  • The emotional needs of pupils.
  • Very low learning expectations of parents.
  • Poor attendance.
  • Family stability for LAC pupils and family permanence.


Strategies / Interventions in place to support children’s learning in the classroom include:

* Feedback marking

* Peer tutoring / marking

* Metacognition (children knowing how they learn best)

* IPads for use by children in Upper KS2, underachieving and vulnerable children and children with SEN

*1 day per week additional teacher to support learning and ‘close the gap’ in KS2.

* Small group or 1:1 sessions for Literacy and Numeracy led by LSAs and overseen by class teachers

* 1:1  support in KS1 with LSAs

* Learning Mentor & Nurture Groups

* Counsellor

* After School Study support

* Additional SALT provision purchased

* Additional EP time purchased.

At Thorntree, through progress meetings and data tracking, the Senior Leadership Team identifies which children are underachieving in comparison to their peers and additional provision is made for individuals or groups of children.


 2021 -2022 expenditure is planned to provide quality in school support to engage pupil premium pupils and includes:- 

PP funding (including £1800.00 LAC funding):




SALT (part funded)


Learning Mentors   (part funded)


Additional LSA intervention support – CP PMs


Social Communication Outreach (part funded)


1:1 and small group teaching – HW & US (part funded)


After school booster lessons (part funded)


Lunchtime dance clubs


LSA in every class (part funded)


Subsidised breakfast/after school clubs


School Uniform




                                                                                       Running total



2020 -2021 funding was spent as below:-

Pupil Premium funding


Expenditure :


SALT (part funded)

            5 600

Learning Mentors   ( part funded)

            3 000

1:1 classroom support

          13, 425

Social Communication Outreach


After School Study Support

            3 840

Specialist Maths teaching in Upper KS2 

            4 600

LSA in every class mornings. (part funded)

          23, 194

Subsidised Out of hours school clubs


School Uniform


Theatre productions in school (enrichment)

            2 650


        9 000


           1 000

                                                                                       Running total

        £ 72 709


The progress and attainment of these children will continue to be carefully monitored throughout 2020-2021 by the Senior Leadership Team. Class teachers are aware of which children need to make accelerated progress and appropriate interventions have been put in place where necessary. The impact of interventions will be monitored to ensure that the school is spending funding effectively.

The Pupil Premium Strategy will be revised at the end of the Autumn term each year.


Through Lockdown, March 2020- July 2020, Pupil Premium pupils were supported remotely from school. Support included:

  • Regular contact with families from SENCo, Headteacher and Deputy Head teacher
  • Learning resource packs provided to each PP pupil
  • Learning packs provided from school throughout Lockdown
  • Ipads and laptops loaned to families
  • SENCo, Head teacher & Learning Mentor Visits to Vulnerable families
  • Library books provided to families.
  • SALT resources to support SALT Plans made for collection or delivery. Reviews and assessments carried out remotely.
  • SCD Outreach provision continued remotely.
  • Additional support staff at Hub school.
  • School counselling available
  • Virtual meetings with Outside Agencies


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