GSO Test

GSO Test


Please take some time to read through our prospectus.

It contains important information about our history, our ethos, our aims and objectives, as well as more practical information about our curriculum, our classes, our rules & regulations, our uniform and much more...

Thorntree Primary School Prospectus

Here's a more detailed list of contents:

  • Absence

  • Admission Arrangements

  • Attendance & Punctuality

  • Bullying

  • Child Protection

  • Clubs

  • Complaints Procedure

  • Curriculum

  • Dinners

  • Ethos and Values

  • Governing Body

  • Holidays

  • Home School Agreement

  • Parents' Association

  • Policies

  • Rules and Discipline

  • School Organisation

  • Special Educational Needs

  • Testing

  • Travel Plan

  • Trips and Journeys

  • Uniform