GSO Test

GSO Test


Here are just a few quotes from our last Ofsted Report (September 2016). You will find a link at the bottom of the page if you would like to read the full report.


The school ‘pervades a sense of security, community and care’.

Pupils wholeheartedly enjoy their learning and coming to school.

Pupils respond favourably to the welcoming and positive school environment.

Pupils are well-mannered and respectful towards each other and the adults in the school.

Pupils believe that the school encourages respect for each other’s differences, reflecting the inclusive nature of the school.

The staff ‘know every pupil well and what each one needs in order to thrive’.

Outcomes for pupils are good. In 2015, pupils, including disadvantaged pupils, made progress in reading, writing and mathematics at levels close to, and often above, the national average. Teachers know individual pupils very well and are prompt to identify when pupils are falling behind and need extra help. Teachers target help very specifically so pupils receive additional support quickly… Pupils who have special educational needs and /or disabilities make progress at rates close to or above the national average.

Teachers routinely incorporate different levels of challenge in lessons.

Staff keep pupils safe and pupils feel safe.

Families and staff have developed good professional relationships.

Staff all stated that they feel very proud to work at the school and are well supported by leaders.

Parents are overwhelmingly positive about their experience of the school.

One parent commented that “teachers are approachable at all times; they go above and beyond”.


Click here to read our Ofsted Inspection Report September 2016

Click here to read our Ofsted Inspection Report December 2011


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