GSO Test

GSO Test


Here are just a few quotes from our last Ofsted Inspection in November 2021. You will find a link at the bottom of the page if you would like to read the full report.


What is it like to attend this school?

Pupils and adults in this school create a strong sense of family and community. They care for and respect each other. Adults have high expectations of pupils’ behaviour.

Pupils like coming to school. They feel safe because they are well cared for by the adults around them. Leaders ensure that no pupil leaves the school feeling upset or sad. They work hard to resolve any issues that arise before the end of each school day.

One cannot help but notice pupils’ and adults’ genuine joy of being in school. Pupils value the friendships they make at Thorntree.

Leaders are clear about how to deal with bullying when it arises. Pupils have every confidence that if it occurs, adults will deal with it promptly and effectively. Staff are vigilant. They are quick to identify and address unkind behaviour or similar concerns.

Leaders are ambitious for all pupils’ learning. They make sure that pupils learn to read well.

Pupils have a strong understanding of the value of democracy. They experienced this first-hand when they voted for their school council representatives.

Adults consistently expect pupils to reflect on their behaviour and actions. Pupils learn to recognise the difference between what is right and wrong because this is highlighted in the curriculum.

Pupils behave well, including in lessons.



Pupils are safe at school. They know about ways to keep themselves safe at school, at home, or when online.

There is a culture of openness at Thorntree. Staff are vigilant and they have an ‘it could happen here’ attitude. They report any concerns about pupils’ well-being to leaders as soon as they arise.

Leaders and staff know their pupils and families very well. This allows them to put in place effective support, particularly for those identified as vulnerable or at risk. They work closely with outside agencies to secure the best possible outcomes for these pupils. Parents are confident that their children are safe at school.


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